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Painyters TUBES magazine April issue

TUBES Artists Gallery: Now showing the art from the latest issue of painters TUBES magazine on the global platform

This exhibition is a fabulous collection of Artists from the UK and the USA. Works on Paper include watercolours by the wonderful painter Rob Failey. The artist works from his studio in Scotland. Selected are a number of his studies from one of his Tibetan sketchbooks. Rob’s work is well known and its hardly surprising his art is sought after world wide. Along side him are equally gifted painters, Shaun Smyth is one of them, we are showning his amazing 16ft (400 plus metre drawing of the Mersey Gateway Bridge landscape.) Shaun and Lee Harrison (photographer) will be exhibiting at the Warringtom Museum and Art Gallery on 15th July. painters TUBES are co-sponsors of that public museum and art gallery exhibition together with SSE thermal (plc) for what will be a fantastic exhibition of paintings, drawings and photography about the (now decomissioned) Fiddlers Ferry Power station (UK).

The popular English artist Steve Capper is also shown in the catalogue and in the exhibition next to Manchester’s very own favourite Manchester city (urban painter) David Coulter. Barbara Hope Steinberg, the renown abstract artist, also in the catalogue, exhibites her complete series of “Crows” can be viewed in her solo show in the Tubes Feature Gallery, you can visit that new exhibition by clicking here.

painters TUBES have also included in th both the show and in the catalogue the wonderful landscape work by William Morrison. Judith Booth, has some of the most amazing portaits on view. Plus a new artist we are intriducing to painters TUBES readers and gallery goers, Michele BonDurant, who was selected for her very excellent ‘paper’ montage works of art. Theses are created with individual pieces of purpose coloured paper put together with a realistic subject taken from her studies of nature and her local environment. painters TUBES also are very pleased to republish, again, the Art of David Brooke. A fabulous artist who’s work that comes under the heading of ‘philosophy.’ These works of Art make you smile and give you ‘food for thought’.

We hope you enjoy this show and please remember to visit painters TUBES magazine and read the catalogue – Support our mission of bringing you great painters from around the world – free of charge to visitor and the artist – by ordering one or more Printed Versions of painters TUBES magazine and catalogues – or better still ‘subscribe’ to the magazine for 3 months for only £20 plus post and packing. CLICK HERE

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