Fantasic Fiddlers Ferry Exhibition

The Fantasic Fiddlers Ferry Exhibition was exhibited at the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery

Fantasic Fiddlers Ferry Exhibition

This exhibition closed officially on 2nd October 2022. Below is the exhibition catalogue, The exhibition ran until 2nd October….below. This digital version of the printed official catalogue was designed and produced by Denis Taylor (founder of painters TUBES magazine). You may be able to obtain a printed copy from the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery or from Shaun Smyth direct:

Denis Taylor founder of painters TUBES magazine worked ceaslessly with Shaun Smyth and Lee Harrison and made this major Museum exhibition project a reality…

…the art shown at the Fiddlers Ferryt exhibition is the result of three years work, three virtual reality exhibitions on painters TUBES gallery and three printed catalogues and two featrures in the specialist publication of painters TUBES magazine. Many of the paintings are large (over 4mtrs) with a host of exclusive photographs by Lee Harrison.

Both artists were given special permission to record the power station which was an icon of the North West of England. The power station known locally as the ‘cloud factory’ was commissioned in 1974 and supplied Power to the North West and beyond until 2021.

info for the Fantasic Fiddlers Ferry Exhibition

The Fiddlers Ferry was a major art project of carried out by two Artists (Lee Harrison and Shaun Smyth) and with painters TUBES Gallery art curator and consultant Denis Taylor consulting and providing creative ideas for the construction and presentation of the work. He also gave critical support of the entire painting production personally to Shaun Smyth and editorial advice to Lee Harrision. 

The project was started over three years ago. The ambition of the project was to record the changing environment of the North West England. Fiddlers Ferry is part two, of four parts, of this ambitious art project that has run from 2015 through to 2025. One decade of Art.

The painter, Shaun Smyth, began sketching the new construction of the Mersey Gateway bridge in 2015. it was completed towards the end of 2019 and exhibited at the Brindley Theatre Gallery. Lee Harrison, joined the team as photographer to add another dimension to the studies of Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. Shaun, Lee and Denis (painters TUBES®) worked closely together to bring this part of the project to reality. The first part of Fiddlers Ferry is shown by painter TUBES® in the VR gallery in two sections. with both monotone and colour, drawings and photography. The selected work is curated over in two galleries, one for Shaun and one for Lee and over four rooms.

The Fiddlers Ferry Exhibition was installed at the Warrington Art Gallery and Museum July 2022 the premier opening was the evening of the 14th July.. The exhibition was sponsored by painters TUBES® and SSE plc. painters TUBES® founder Denis Taylor was the consultant with the artists from day one (2019). The exhibition ran until 2 October 2022.

Fiddler's Ferry the cloud factory exhibition