Reflections on the Canal. 2005 to 2010

Reflections on the Ancoats segment of the canal that runs from Ashton-u-Lyne to Manchester City centre. This was a five year project carried by the English Artist Denis Taylor. The artist established a studio in North Manchester UK in 2005. From here Denis sketched  and photographed the canal. The artist created a host of drawings, paintings and photographs. The work began as realism and progressed to abstraction. The abstract works were also created when the artists returned to his studio in Sweden (2008 to 2010). The series have been exhibited in the UK and Sweden. Many of the early works are now in private collections. The exhibition here shows a sample of the work. Four of the abstract paintings (1000mm x 1000mm. Oil on canvas) are available to collectors.

Below is the catalogue to accompany the exhibition.

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